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The 4 Pillars™

This Free Report shows the 4 questions to ask premium clients to improve your closing rate between by 63-84%

The Rapid Evolution Society™

This is an exclusive group for client-based businesses who want to fill their business with premium clients.

People have the talent and ability to accomplish more than they ever thought possible. It's my mission to equip them with the necessary clarity, motivation, confidence, and tools to unleash the best of themselves!

Alex Kuhn
Origin Worx Head Coach & Founder
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Meet Jason...

Jason is a consultant and owner of Right Hand Technology. Jason sought me out on a recommendation of helping another client improve his sales. After our first meeting, it was obvious the issue wasn't sales, but restructuring his focus and business priorities. Within one year of starting, Jason and RHTG achieved his beginning year goal of hitting $80,000 per month and is continuing to grow.

The Rapid Evolution Formula™
Why Our Clients Achieve More In Less Time


The Clarity Position Model™

Prospects need more than a connection. They need to believe & feel you embody what they need and desire.

Our system creates clarity for you and instantly molds a relationship that creates resonance in your market.


On-Demand Attraction Model™

Your ability to generate prospects consistently is the lifeblood of your business.

You will understand the motivational triggers and tactics to attract & engage premium prospects.


The Recruitment Matrix™

​If you start to sound like "everybody else", you will lose clients before you even have the chance to sell.

Our communication, connection, and close approach will get more interest & more "Yes'!"


The Premium Scalable Matrix™

Massive success is a combination of securing new clients and retaining current ones. 

You will know how to structure your business to  scale as high as you want to achieve.

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